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Stella started mentoring when she was nine. Proudly named “very important” by her mother, yes that is her real nick name, she would represent her mother by consulting and teaching home economics to members of her mother’s Christian women’s fellowship group in Cameroon.

At the age of fifteen, she was the youngest person to hold a student government office in her high school. She was chosen for leadership because of her resourcefulness, her creativity and her ability to find the best possible outcome in every situation. She is a natural mentor.

Stella specializes in nurse entrepreneurship in community based elder care. Yes, she is influential but don’t take our word for it. Just ask any of the nurses that she has mentored through the Six Figures Academy and you will get comments like the one below.


Rave review

I know we talked half an hour ago…..but, I have to thank you again. You are amazing!! In one call I received so many ideas from you. Your coaching is phenomenal, and any nurses that are hesitant to do your class…..I have learned more from you today and in your three hour presentation in Vegas, than when attending other seminars for which I paid thousands of dollars for over the past years.

I am SO excited and SO motivated, and what’s wonderful is you are a nurse yourself, have walked the walk, and KNOW that your talk is proven. I hope that …….. signs on for your class, she will learn a TON, and probably not make a tenth of the mistakes I have made over the years, and spend a tenth of the amount I have wasted over the years!! (Probably a hundredth of the amount of dollars I have spent over the years!) I cannot thank you enough for today’s call and your time. Thank you so so very much!

Blessings, Carol Lumsden, RN, CHC, CLNC

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