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Stella Nsong Regularly Sponsors Events That Benefit You!

Whether you are a caregiver that needs support or a nurse entrepreneur, Stella has events tailored just for you!

Launch Your Agency in a Weekend

Launch Your Agency In A Weekend is a 3 days intensive business retreat where nurses go to get their caregiving businesses launched. They come on Thursday, go home on Saturday, rest on Sunday and are open for business on Monday.

Monthly Parkinson’s Virtual Conference

You May Have Parkinson’s But Parkinson’s Does Not Have To Have You virtual conference is offered every 2nd Monday of every month

National Caring For The Caregiver Week

The National Caring for the Caregiver Week is the first week of December. It is a holiday created by Stella to draw attention to the fact that family caregiving is a 24 hours responsibility and caregivers need to commit to self care and work life balance.

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